John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

Early recongition of our cause came in the form of a blessing by the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu a few days after the Flame arrived in Hull. The Flame was blessed in a ceremony in our parish church, Holy Trinity, Hull starting a healthy relationship that continues to bear fruit. We are appreciative of the great significance of this endorsement of our cause in the form of the Archbishop's blessing.

Archbishop Sentamu blesses the flame

Archbishop Sentamu has a history of being involved in the fight for Freedom. With his team in Holy Trinity church, we worked with the community to produce the largest event in Hull's commemorations of the 70th anniversary of the end of hostilities in Europe. Ninety members of Hull Freedom Chorus perfomed to a multifaith, equal and diverse, guest list of 500, in a choral event in the name of Freedom in all its ofrms.

We await the official photographs from the event. When they are prepared, they will be published on this site. Here are Freedom Chorus rehearsing with composer Helen Yeomans.

Helen Yeomans and Hull Freedom Chorus