The lamps for transport of the flame need to be certificated for use on the likes of public transport or taking into buildings. Ours are supplied by Protector Lamp, the same supplier to have supplied the London Olympic Games and the Sochi Paralympics amongst many others.


Protector LampFlames need to travel in pairs in case one should go out. These lamps cost £500 each plus engraving - why Freedom Flame Torchnot have your name or Company name engraved on a lamp?

Ceremonial torches will cost around £80 plus ceremonial engraving. It is our intention that the engraved Ceremonial torches will be kept by the participants as a souvenir.

We need to buy ceremonial bowls, fuel, more Davy lamps plus cradles for their transport and so on . . .

This is a perfect opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility and simultaneously be recognised for their contribution. Individuals and companies who assist financially will be recognised.


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