Liberation Relays 2015

2015 is a very significant year in the evolution of the Freedom Flame as a movement.70 Years of Freedom

The Wageningen commemorations and celebrations started to spread last year when representatives of Hull Normandy Veterans Association brought a Flame to the UK for the first time. This was the first time that the Wageningen Flame had been outside the Netherlands.

This year the Flame travelled further than it has ever done before -

Our UK Flame left the City of Hull on 27th April and travelled, firstly to Portsmouth, where the lighting of the original 1948 Torch by Field Marshall Benard Montgomery was recreated by his grand-daughter, Lady Arabella Stuart-Smith. From Portsmouth the Flame was carried over to Normandy and then travelled through Northern France, Belgium and Holland before being refreshed in Wageningen on May 5th. It returned to the UK on May 8th, the 70th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe.

In parallel to the UK Flame, a second Flame left Wageningen on 21st April to travel to Auschwitz concentration camp. It made its way back via Theresenstadt in Czechoslovakia, Berlin and Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.