Monsignor John Noordermeer

The Menin Gate, Ypres (or Ieper) - an evocative place of ever there were to be one and site of the Last Post ceremony every evening. A more pertinent place to bless the Freedom Flame cannot really be imagined. As part of our journey to Wageningen for the 2015 Dutch 70th anniversary of Liberation we were extremely privileged to be offered the opportunity to have the Flame blessed by Monsignor John Noordermeer. We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to The Monsignor for his endorsement of our Mission.

Blessing of the Falme at the Menin Gate by Mgr. John NoordermeerBlessing of the Flame by Mgr. John Noordermeer at the Menin Gate. An extraordinary and very privileged happening for us. Father John has military, missionary and academic responsibilities worldwide.

This blessing was performed specifically in Father John's priestly role, and not as a military Chaplain. The Freedom Flame, while having its origins in the aftermath of the Second World War is in a specifically apolitical and non-militaristic ethic.

Mgr. John Noordermeer with D Day veteran Ray Lord




Our presentation of Torches after our commemorative event of May 8th was consciously in the absence of military Standards, as the Flame is about The Peace, not about The Victory. Our event, though held in our own parish church, Holy Trinity was designed not to be a church service. However, during the event, it became apparent that the choral pieces and spoken word were very much in the vein of the good that all the great faiths are capable of creating.

Mgr. John Noordermeer at the Menin Gate with Freedom Flame




We would like to express our gratitude to Father Noordermeer for his endorsement of our project. We will carry this Flame forward as a symbol of the good that is in Man and will use every available opportunity to change the World for the better, using the Flame as a catalyst for positive change.

70 Years of Freedom