The Mission

It has become apparent in the time since we started this project that it is anything but a simple charitable project. It has become a Mission.

That Mission is to make the world a better place by interacting with others, using Freedom Flame at La Feuillie Francethe Flame as a reason to meet each other. Those interactions are creating what we would describe as a virtuous web. We bring peole together, who wouldn't usually meet, in the spirit of friendship and the celebration of Freedom in all its forms. For, it is through friendship, that we break down those barriers that have divided people and left the world open to conflict.

Our role is to educate the young, and sometimes those not so young, to understand that tolerance of others' differences makes a better world. Our role is also to make the point that Freedom is an entity that must be maintained actively, for apathy and indifference to the erosion of Freedom inevitably ends in conflict.

 Sometimes we must fight for that Freedom, even with considerable loss of life. To that end we have a part in the commemoration of those who have lost their lives in the fight for Freedom, whether they be civilian or military. In Britain we are very succesful in the commemoration of our military war dead, but to date, we have failed to identify with those civilians who have suffered, and continue to suffer, as bystanders in war.

prudential towerOur home city, Kingston upon Hull, was decimated in the Blitz of May 1941, but the news was supressed because of the city's strategic importance. This base serves as the centre point of the UK part of a campaign to commemorate civilians killed in war under the banner of the Marigold, as opposed to the Poppy. It is our task to drive that campaign and interlink with cities, both British and further afield who have equally suffered.

We are a consciously apolitical group who operate independently to remove political interference from our Mission. We operate as a non-faith group, but very much work in the spirit of the great faiths and the spirit of the good that mankind (and womankind) is capable of - so much so that our work is endoresed repeatedly in the form of blessings by faith leaders, two occasions of which are recounted on the following pages.

 The Archbishop of York, John Sentamu 

Monsignor Professor John Noordermeer

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