Receive the flame

Anyone can receive a daughter flame from the Freedom Flame for events celebrating the ethics of Liberty, Freedom and Unity. We are able to assist with equipment for transport and presentation of the Freedom Flame for which a small financial contribution will be asked to assist in the offset of costs.

woodhall spa memorialEvents already undertaken include opening the Hull Freedom Festival and the Woodhall Spa Arnhem Commemorations in addition to talks in schools.

We believe that education is our key role and are therefore happy to collaborate on events within schools and colleges within the ethic of the project.

To enquire about receiving the flame, please contact us in the first instance by e-mail via the Contact us page on this site.


Please note - All arrangements for events using the Flame need to be booked through the Freedom Flame Committee via the e-mail form on this site, the address below, or via the numbers below - you will be sent an official booking form and documentation.


Events arranged without official documentation will not be entered into our diary.

We can be e-mailed ( via the above underlined link or you may write to us at the following adddress:

The Secretary. Freedom Flame. 8, West Hall Garth, South Cave, East Yorks. HU15 2HD

We can also be contacted by phone using the following numbers

01430 423014   or   07446 614536   or   07854 178353



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