We are a small committee with a small number of completely unpaid volunteers. We give our time and dedication freely for this cause because of belief in the central cause. This project has long term aims, as we have dedicated ourselves to establishing the Flame in perpetuity in the UK.

portsmouthIn April 2015 we will take the Freedom Flame back to Portsmouth to recreate the lighting of the Flame at the D Day stone, Southsea. The Flame left Britain from South Parade Pier which is sadly in danger of becoming derelict. Therefore, we are working with South Parade Pier trust to shine the spotlight on their restoration funds before travelling to Normandy for a series of events in and around the Bayeux and Caen area. 

bayeux war cemetery and cathedral














From Bayeux the Flame will then be carried by a team of athletes to Wageningen for their 70th anniversary celebratory ceremony at midnight of 4th and 5th May 2015. Our Flame will be "refreshed' during the ceremony before leaving to make its way back to the UK. Flames will also go to Canada, Germany and Auschwitz for the first ever time this year.

The date of 8th May 2015 is the 70th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe. We will arrive in the UK on this date and celebrate the significance of the anniversary with an event in Holy Trinity church, Hull. This will centre around the world premiere of a specially commisssioned piece of choral music to be sung by Hull's Freedom Chorus. May 8th also happens to be the anniversary of the Blitz on Hull in 1941. The city had 85,000 homes damaged and 1200 killed during bombing that was the most severe outside London. Our commemorative event will remember those lost during those terrible times. 

As an emulation of the Wageningen celebrations, we intend to distribute Flames to parties interested in celebration of Freedom in its many and varied forms. Expressions of interest are invited from groups who would like to take a Flame. It should be noted that this event is NOT a purely military event. It will be multifaith and multicultural and will embrace all communities. 



Our committee is small but our aims are high. We have a long series of events planned during the Spring and Summer of 2015, some commemorative, some celebratory and some educational. They vary from events to commemorate humanitarian food drops into Holland in 1945 through to events to shine the light on small heritage projects in collaboration with Lincolnshire Heritage Forum. After our events in May, the next highpoint will be the opening of the new Bomber Command Memorial in Lincoln in the Autumn of 2015. Again, the events are extremely varied BUT are always in the spirit of the goodwill that follows the Flame around. For example, one of our current projects is to publish the war memoirs of a Dutch lady whose family were Resistance members during WWII.

Are you interested? Do you think you can help? This project can grow far beyond the seemingly small beginnings to be a focus for events in the name of all our Freedoms, such as disability and LGBT rights to the fight against modern slavery. 

Be a part of it! Contact us through our Secretary.